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If you are looking for fun and unique roofing design options for your new home or for a roof replacement project on your current home, you may have run across the term “green sustainable roofing” and you may be wondering what on earth that means. No, it doesn’t mean that the roof is painted green! It doesn’t involve installing solar panels or other fancy gadgets.

Green sustainable roofing involves creating a small-scale garden on top of your roof, helping to convert CO2 into oxygen, supply your family with fresh locally grown food, utilize all available space on your property, and send an immediate and totally unique message every time someone passes by your home.

Types of Green Roofing

What Is Green Sustainable Roofing?

Green sustainable roofing involves adding a layer of soil and vegetation to the top of your roof. There are two primary types of green roofing: extensive and intensive. Extensive roofing involves relatively little alterations to your existing support structure. The roof is typically covered with planting beds, trays, or pots, and is filled in with a thin layer of soil. Homeowners are then capable of growing modest vegetation such as grasses, mosses, and herbs.

On the other hand, intensive roofing involves creating a space with significant weight bearing capability to create an outdoor space for both larger plants to grow and people to relax and enjoy. This is a more extensive and costly project, but allows homeowners the flexibility to grow larger plants such as tomatoes, berries, and peppers, and provides space for you to relax and enjoy your roof.

Is Green Sustainable Roofing For Me?

Green sustainable roofing is a great option for homeowners who want to help the environment, provide additional food or recreation for their family, and/or create an immediate and lasting visual impression upon seeing the home.

Green roofing does have several additional benefits. For instance, green roofing, by virtue of its additional layers of soil and living vegetation, provides an extra layer of protection for the roofing materials underneath. This will help to extend its life and protect it from damage from the elements. Furthermore, green roofing is also a fantastic insulator and can help to reduce your air conditioning bills during the summer and heating bills during the winter.

Choosing to add a green sustainable roofing system to your home is a big step and is a project that requires a professional and experienced roofer with a thorough knowledge of roofing construction as well as botany. Century Roofing is an expert in green roofing construction and has a staff of experienced and passionate contractors who are eager to share their knowledge with you. Reach out to the Century Roofing team today to get receive more information on the benefits of green roofing, get a free consultation, and receive your custom green roofing construction quote.

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