If you are the owner or operator of a historic building, you understand the difficulty and expense involved in the daily upkeep and maintenance of your building, not to mention the difficulties that arrive when a major repair is needed. Historic restoration of older buildings is difficult not only because of the age of various structures and components of the building, nor solely because of price of the restoration projects or materials, but also because of the level of skill and craftsmanship necessary to undertake and successfully complete a historic roof restoration.

A successful historic restoration contractor must not only be very skilled at their craft, but must be able to complete a historical analysis of the building to determine what original methods and materials were used to create the structure. For example, to correctly complete a historic roof restoration, your contractor needs to investigate where the roofing material was sourced from, how it was processed, what cuts and dies were used to create the individual panels, and how the original roofers secured the panels to the existing structure.