Slate roofing

Residential Roofing Services – Slate

Whether you already own a home and are suffering major damage to your roof, necessitating major repairs or even a full-roof replacement, or are reaching the end of your roof’s service life, you may be searching for a roofing material to replace your current roof.

Similarly, many new home buyers are interested in designing their dream home from the ground up, paying special attention to detail in every aspect and design of their house.

If either of these situations sound similar, you owe it to yourself to explore slate roofing as an option for your home’s next roofing project.



What is Slate Roofing?

Slate roofing is crafted from naturally formed rock and is considered to both be a green roofing material and one of the most beautiful and striking residential roofing materials.

Slate roofing has a long and storied history in the Northeastern portion of the United States and most historic and older buildings in the region have immaculately maintained slate roofing.

Naturally occurring in greyish and black colors, slate has a very unique aesthetic look and is immediately reminiscent of older building seen in movies centered in older Northeastern cities such as Boston, Providence, and Philadelphia.



Is Slate Roofing Right For Me?

Slate roofing is one of the most durable materials available for residential home construction and many buildings in the Northeast have roofs that remain beautiful 250+ years after construction and most modern manufacturers offer a minimum of a 50 year warranty.

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