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Roofing Contractor for Schools

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Roofing Contractor for Schools – Good for Business

In an academic situation, how well someone learns is surprisingly dependent on the atmosphere they are in while they are educated. For universities around the country, this is something quite important, and a lot of time and thought is given to how a university looks, and how it can appeal to not only potential students choosing their college, but to the current students and their satisfaction and success.

A universities’ roofing can actually drastically alter the atmosphere and visual impact of the campus. Especially nowadays, there are endless roofing choices and styles. If you’re a university looking for an edge, trying to increase student enrollment numbers, or are in need of a replacement for your roof, knowing your options can make your university stand out and even be reminiscent of the greats.

Choice Roofing Contractor for Schools in Illinois & Indiana

Providing personalized, tailored services that live up to our extraordinarily high standards is a bit of a specialty for us at Century Roofing. We take pride in providing every client exceptional services no matter their specific needs. With this in mind, we take a special effort to reach out into niche markets, where other companies may not bother, and where information and knowledge about that type of roofing may not be readily available. Being the #1 choice roofing contractor for schools places us into a niche market, and Century Roofing has many years of experience serving schools and universities in the Chicago and Northwest Indiana areas.

There are a couple of important things to know about university roofing and a few interesting facts that can be instrumental in your final decision about the roof you choose to have installed.

Slate & Ceramic Shingles

Slate and ceramic shingles are quite popular in the university world and, if either of these materials is installed, it will call to mind universities like Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. These two types of materials alone have an overwhelming amount of styles and colors to choose from. Century Roofing has significant experience and expertise with both these styles of roofing and is a great resource for more information about these roofing systems.

Green Roofing

Green roofing is the most forward-thinking type of roofing available on the market, it will also have an extreme amount of draw for your students, making a lasting impression. It involves transforming your roofing to incorporate living vegetation, plants, and potential common areas for students to study, recreate, and lunch. This kind of roofing can be very intensive, so make sure you understand what it involves, and more importantly, make sure your roofing company understands what is involved and has the proven experience to provide a service like this.

Century Roofing has extensive experience, knowledge, and hires roofing contractors as experts in their field. When it comes to roofing contractors for schools, Century Roofing is the best choice to make your university campus into the kind of college all the students will want to attend. Get a free inspection and estimate today!

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