Importance of Gutters to Your Roofing System

Importance of Gutters to Your Roofing System

Most property owners tend to focus more on their roofing system while neglecting other components found on their roof. Apart from your roofs, one of the components on your property that should be checked and maintained regularly is the gutter. You gutter serves more than the catch basin of rainwater. The gutter system also aids in the preservation and protection of your property, especially against water damages.

Here in Seattle, Washington, rain, and snow are the primary elements why properties, such as your home experience, water damages. Apart from the roof punctures, the malfunctioning gutter system also aids in such issue. When it rains or when snow melts and the gutter is blocked with various debris, it will cause for the water to find another path. And in most cases, apart from directly affecting the foundation of your property, unchecked gutters could also cause for water to seep through the roofing of your home.

That is why it is important that you should always care for your gutter system. Here in Washington area, roofing contractors like Eco Home Service & Roofing, highly suggest that gutter care and maintenance should not be neglected. And here below are some of the suggestions and tips you may follow.

gutter installation in progress

Inspect Gutters

The first thing you should do in order to safeguard your gutter system and continue its proper functioning is to inspect it thoroughly. When inspecting your gutters, you should check for loose, bent, or missing gutter hangers, some corrosion, and most especially for debris. These factors affect the proper functioning of your gutter system.

Clean Your Gutter

When you notice that your gutter is riddled with leaves, dust, and other debris, you should commence gutter cleaning. In order for the water to flow towards proper drainage, its path should not be obstructed by debris. For that matter, you should take time to remove that debris. This will not only avoid waterspouts, but it will also prevent your gutters from being too heavy that its hangers will not be able to take hold of it.

Look for Leaks

After you have removed the debris on your gutters, you should now look for potential leaks. With the help of a garden hose, try to flush the remaining residue or debris. Allow the water to move freely and check which portion of the gutter that leaks are visibly present. If you will not take care of a gutter leak, you will find yourself with having to spend more money for the replacement of exterior components than that of the price you should have paid to repair the leak on its very first manifestation.

Check Drainage

Another aspect through which you may be able to improve the function of your gutter system is its drainage. The gutter itself is just a channel, and its directed toward the drainage. However, if the drainage is not properly functioning, similar to your gutter, chances are high that water will definitely find another escape route. And such an escape route may include your internal roofing. Hence, causing more damage and deterioration.

Trim Down Plants

The most common cause of debris on the gutters are the trees and its leaves. That is why if you wanted to remove the main cause of the problem, you should at least trim the trees so as to mitigate the impact of debris on your gutter system. This is especially true when the autumn season is about to begin.

Consider Replacement

Another aspect of gutter care that should be considered, is the replacement of the gutters. When you think that your gutters are beyond repair or maintenance, you should consider replacing it with new and more durable gutters. This will not only improve the flow of water, but it will also improve the aesthetics of your roofing system.

Ask Some Help

When dealing with your gutters, it can be very tempting to have a DIY project. However, you should understand that gutter system and its problems can be complicated as your roofing system. That is why it is of great importance that you should ask the help of a professional roofing contractor that specialize also in gutter services, including installation, repair, and replacement.


One of the reasons why you should contact a professional roofer is because they have the experience and tools to remedy your problem with your gutter system. Apart from that, the specialized roofing knowledge of these contractors can easily be applied even if the gutter is the only thing that you have noticed to be poorly performing. When they would be checking for some issues on your roof, inevitably other roofing problems that escaped your attention will be reported to you. Thus avoiding other costly damages to your property as a whole.


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